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Secretariat of NTU

Secretariat of NTU

A Brief Introduction of the Office of the Secretariat

  Paragraph 8, Section 1, Article 21 of the University Organization Statutes stipulates that: “The Office of the Secretariat shall have a Secretary-General. The Office is responsible for the calling of meetings, public relations, alumni liaison, and assorted matters.” And, in accordance with the 10th point of the Operation Guidelines for the Administrative Units of the University: “The Office of the Secretariat shall have a Conference Service Division, and a Secretariat Affairs Division, with respective directors and clerks subsumed under them.” In addition, to cater to business needs, the Office of the Secretariat shall have an Alumni Center, a Press Room, and a Visitor Center.

  The Office of the Secretariat is responsible for the convening of all kinds of meetings, the proceedings of committees, media liaison, public relations and publicity, alumni services, campus tours, school anniversary celebrations, the organization of the Azalea Festival, various seminars, and other integrated services. The assigned task of the Office of the Secretariat is to help promote university development and to strengthen service quality, while at the same time enhancing the public image of National Taiwan University.

  The Office of the Secretariat of National Taiwan University is responsible for the integration of publicity materials, with an emphasis on outstanding academic research, but extending to the contribution of teachers and students towards social concerns. Professionally edited Chinese- and English- language publications are planned at regular intervals, featuring: campus information, main news, alumni newsletter, NTU Alumni Bimonthly [in Chinese], Spotlight, and NTU Highlights [in English]. At all times we keep track of changes in circulation number, readership rate, and subscriptions, and adjust publication accordingly. All electronic web pages have reader feedback mechanisms, by means of which we may reply or deal with the matter immediately. We look forward to covering the newest and most accurate of recent university developments, so as to offer long-term support to school alumni, teachers and students, academic institutions, and people from all walks of life both internationally and domestically.

   The existing staff of the Office of the Secretariat include: a Secretary-General (this post is currently held by Professor Da-Ming Wang of the Department of Chemical Engineering), a senior executive officer, 2 division directors, 2 executive officers, 3 senior clerks,  3 senior specialists, 1 CEO, 1 menager, 4 adminitrative specialists,  8 senior clerks, and 1 messenger.