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Secretariat of NTU

General Affairs

7. NTU Directives for the Management of Dogs and Cats on Campus
9. NTU Directives for the Assignment and Management of Multi-Room Dormitories for Faculty and Staff
10. NTU Directives Governing the Assignment of and Fees for Single-Room Faculty Dormitories
11. NTU Regulations for the Supervision of New Faculty Dormitory Construction
14. NTU Directives for the Management of Traffic on Campus
18. NTU Regulations for the Organization of Congregate Housing Management Committees
19. NTU Directives for the Management of Filming at Outdoor Venues on the Main Campus (Including the Shuiyuan Campus)
21. NTU Guidelines for Assessing Construction of New College Buildings
28. NTU Directives Governing the Lease Application and Assignment of Off-Campus Serviced Apartments
32. NTU Notice for the Management of Interior Compartment Renovation for NTU Buildings
34. NTU Directives for the Charging of Multi-Room Faculty Dormitories
39. NTU Regulations for Handling Illegal Construction
44. NTU Notice on Exterior Wall Maintenance for Buildings on Campus
46. NTU Faculty Dormitory Code
47. NTU Regulations Governing the Assignment and Management of Faculty Multi-Room Dormitories Financed with Construction Loans
48. NTU Directives Governing the Property Maintenance Fee Revenue and Expense Management for the Yongji Road Dormitory Managed by the Office of General Affairs
50. NTU Directives for New Construction Subsidies
51. NTU Directives Governing Rentals of Outdoor Venues at the Main Campus and the Shuiyuan Campus
54. NTU Directives Governing the Application, Assignment, and Management of Office Spaces for Research Projects
55. Comprehensive standards for property classification
58. NTU Rules for Setting up and Managing Stalls on the Main Campus
59. NTU Fee Standards for Stall Setup on the Main Campus
60. NTU Directives for Handling Posters and Other Forms of Expression on Campus
66. NTU Illuminance Standards for Outdoor Lighting on Campus
69. NTU Directives Governing Procurement for Scientific and Technological Research and Development
71. NTU Regulations for the Energy Conservation Incentive Awards
76. NTU Directives for the Training, Safety, and Health of Laborers Hired by Small Procurement Project Contractors
78. NTU Directives for Handling Mail
80. NTU Directives for the Control and Management of Noise Pollution